Jeffrey Dahmer

     May 21st, 1960- Joyce and Lionel Dahmer welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby boy into their lives. He was a curious child and found interest in the world around him. As he grew, he became reserved and shy. Despite the best efforts of his parents to give him the social interaction they believed he desperately needed, the dark urges inside little Jeffrey grew.

Mugshot: Dahmer after being arrested for his serial murders in 1991.

     During his early teen years, he became increasingly intrigued by small animals. He began to slice them open and explore the entrails. Looking back on his actions early in life, Jeffrey stated this could have become a healthy habit and turned into a taxidermy hobby. 
     Needless to say, this was not the course of events. He was consuming large amounts of alcohol. He began to fantasize over having sexual intercourse with dead and unconscious young men. When the urges became too strong for Dahmer to handle, he acted on them. In 1978 he killed his first victim, Steven Hicks, with a blow to the head. This lead to the deaths of seventeen men.

REMEMBERING THE DEAD: His victims, all attractive young men.

     As an easy way to get his victims alone, he picked them up at local gay meeting places and would later drug and strangle them. To make sure that the victims of his crimes would “never leave”, he took polaroid photographs of the men at various stages of dismemberment. When that wasn’t enough, he started to eat and preserve body parts.

    With his growing consumption of alcohol, he slipped up and one of his victims ventured out onto the streets while Jeffrey was on a beer run. He then convinced the police that they were gay lovers and invited the police officers back up to his apartment. With a silver tongue, Dahmer had talked his way out of the mess and went on to murder the boy when the authorities left.
     After slipping through the system various times, Jeffrey Dahmer was caught once and for all. In 1991, his reign of horror ended when he slipped up for the last time. Tracy Edwards, his next intended victims, escaped and notified authorities of a “strange dude” who had restrained him and threatened him with a knife. Police investigated and found the photographs… leading to incarceration for a 31-year-old Dahmer.

CRIME SCENE: A barrel containing the torsos of 3 men and a powerful acid found in Dahmer’s apartment.

     Unfortunately, though Jeffrey had been making an improvement to his life while in prison, he was murdered by another inmate who called himself “Christ” in the gym of the prison- bludgeoned to death with a metal pole.


TWITTER ANSWER: “I don’t care if I live or die. Go ahead and kill me.”

The Butcher (Zugefroren) on Twitter


Miss Lizzie Borden of Fall River, Massachusetts.

August 4th, 1892
A cry is heard in the Borden home- Lizzie has found her father, Andrew, hacked and disfigured on the couch. The body is still warm and there is not much blood anywhere but Andrew’s corpse. As the authorities arrive they find the body of Lizzie’s stepmother, Abby Borden, in the bedroom.. murdered at least ninety minutes before her father.



Initially Lizzie had been thought to be above such a horrific act, but as her trial proceeded it seemed more and more likely that she was guilty. They took her into custody and after all was said and done, she was found not guilty of the atrocious crimes. The media was mostly in favour of this verdict and Lizzie was released back into the world to lead a normal life until her passing in 1927.

Smart girl.


Rotenberg, Germany. 2001. Armin Meiwes and Bernd Brandes, with an unmatched trust and a very skilled hand, went down in history as “Cannibal Lovers”. Meiwes found his match online through an advertisement he posted for an individual who wanted to be eaten. Brandes volunteered his body for Der Metzger, The Butcher, and a beautiful dream came to life.

There has since been a feature film made, Grimm Love, that depicts a retelling of events. As a dramatization, it is not a bad film. If you wish to have the cold hard facts and not a story, please do some light research first. This landmark in modern culture is a favourite of mine, Armin Meiwes a hero.

This is real.
Embrace your darkness. Find the beauty where others see tragedy. Enjoy Death as much as Death enjoys you.